Project Description



Flow Rate


Body, sphere:
AISI 316L s.s.
Bushings, motor ring:

Thread specification

Female BSP

3/4″ – 1-1/2″


UBA series heads operate producing water jets out of a spray head rotating around a vertical axis, but feature a sophisticated design where the head is put in slow motion by a simple friction motor. As the motor produces a low rotation velocity, the jets can work with their maximum efficiency since not being broken into droplets: this makes it possible to obtain a higher impact force onto the tank wall. The head design can include one jet directed upwards which is meant to clean the tank roof area around the feed pipe, a difficult area in many instances, realizing then a true 360° spray pattern.

Superior cleaning power, faster cleaning cycles and lower volumes of cleaning solution required are among the main advantages of this product. UBA washing heads are available in two sizes, and three different jet patterns, as shown in the diagram below. Rotation speed varies, depending upon feed pressures, between 5 and 12 rpm. Thread connection are available both in BSP standard (last letter of the code: G) and NPT standard (last letter of the code: N).

UBA tank washing head is designed to accommodate, on its head, a wide range of different nozzles, both as number and type (flat fan, straight, etc.). Every personalization involves some difference in the performance compared to the ones in the table: they will be provided case by case.

DeExternal diametermmL, L1
WidthmmRFFemale threadinch
DiInner diametermmLPMax working pressurebarRGMale threadinch
DiaOrifice diametermmLTMax working temperature°CWWeightkg
DNNominal diameterQCapacityl/minWRWetting radiusm
H, H1