Project Description


Flow Rate


Metal parts: AISI 316L s.s.
Seals: CPTFE
Other: PEEK

Thread specification

Female BSPP



The UBT series tank wash heads are very sophisticated devices, designed with a robust structure and constructed with the latest technology to allow for high performance and providing excellent disinfection after each wash cycle. These characteristics are ideal for the automatic cleaning of industrial tanks and vessels. The nozzle movement is operated through an internal epicyclical gear reducer which enables to drive the jet paths according to a preset grid over the tank surface, providing a perfect cleaning of every single area inside the tank. Each side hub is equipped with two nozzles. Depending on the application, two different types of nozzle can be used:
– Short nozzle: length 20 mm (Model C)
– Long nozzle: length 50 mm (Model L)
Each side hub is equipped with two nozzles whose orifice diameter determines the total water flow rate.

In order to avoid problems with the device (such as breaking), we suggest to you filtered water. PNR Italia suggests a filter with at least 60 mesh, such as VEM 0100 V1.

To order the required product, please note that:
a) second to last letter “C” indicates the Model C (short nozzle);
b) second to last letter “L” indicates the Model L (long nozzle).
Ø is the nozzle diameter

DeExternal diametermmL, L1
WidthmmRFFemale threadinch
DiInner diametermmLPMax working pressurebarRGMale threadinch
DiaOrifice diametermmLTMax working temperature°CWWeightkg
DNNominal diameterQCapacityl/minWRWetting radiusm
H, H1

Model C “short”

Model L “long”