Operating reliability and effective performance are key requirements for customers using descaling nozzles in the steel rolling process. Our R&D Department has designed and built a new, proprietary test bench for descaling nozzles.

Our new test bench allows precise measurement of descaling nozzles’ flow rate at a given pressure. All descaling parameters are tested and validated with the most advanced measuring instruments to ensure they are in full compliance with international standards. The high performance, quality and reliability of PNR descaling nozzles, which have been sold to satisfied customers all over the world for nearly fifty years, can now be supported with lab testing and validation field trials. PNR qualified engineers can answer any question you may have about the performance testing of any descaling nozzle and can help meet your facility’s needs.

The system has the following technical features:
– maximum operating pressure of the piston pump: 300 bar
– maximum flow rate: 210 l/min
– distance between the spray tip and the measuring table: between 50 mm and 500 mm
– measuring area: 900 x 900 mm
– nozzle angle inclination: between 0° (nozzle perpendicular to the surface) and 40°
– frontal diaphragm sensor with measuring range between 0 and 40 bar (which means, between 0 and 4 N/mm^2)
– measuring step on both axis: between 0,1 mm and 2,00 mm