Steel Industry

[eng] PNR cooling [metals industry] [ita] PNR raffreddamento [industria metallurgica] [ugelli spruzzatori]


PNR descaling [metals industry]/PNR discagliatura [industria metallurgica] [ugelli spruzzatori]


PNR heat treatment [metals industry] / PNR trattamenti termici [industria metallurgica] [ugelli spruzzatori]

Heat Treatment

PNR dust suppression [metals industry]/ PNR abbattimento polveri [industria metallurgica] [ugelli spruzzatori]

Dust Suppression

PNR cold rolling / PNR laminazione e decappaggio [ugelli spruzzatori]

Cold Rolling & Pickling

Chemical Industry

Washing Systems

Injection of Compounds

Flue Gas Treatment

Gas Cooling

Mixing of Liquids

Foam Suppression


High Pressure Washing

Mining Nozzles

Mining Nozzles

Pulp & Paper Industry

Stock Preparation


Press Section

Dry End

Shower Pipe

Firefighting Nozzles

Firefighting Nozzles

General Industry

General Purpose Nozzles

Tank Washing Heads

Air Atomizers