New York, NY – Times Square is as bustling and busy as ever, but the landmark location is also a bit steamier nowadays, thanks to PNR America. High above the famous lighted news “ticker,” an array of liquid spray nozzles from PNR America delivers real steam to a giant representation of a hot cup of noodles by Nissin Food Products Co., Ltd.

Installed in October by Glendale Contracting of Glendale, NY, this larger-than-life display steams up every morning at 10 AM, inviting New Yorkers and visitors to try “Cup Noodles, Meal in a Cup.”

Tim Snyder, National Sales Manager for PNR America, stated, “We are delighted that our nozzles are helping to create this unique presentation in such a prominent location. No one can see them from the ground, but they can certainly see how well they work,” said Snyder.

In all, 26 nozzles were installed in an array 18 floors above the ground to add steam to the huge cup. The nozzles used are PNR America’s HBJ 1980 B3 flat-jet, 316 stainless, ΒΌ-inch, which are more commonly used for industrial applications such as parts cleaning, car washing, and metal parts washing. The flat-jet nozzles are characterized by their uniform, high-impact spray.