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Classic atomizers

Classic atomizers are devices producing an atomized spray with the assistance of compressed air, where the liquid is broken into droplets when its outer surface is subjected to shear action from the high speed air flow. By assembling together a range of standard components in different materials, several different capacity values, spray patterns, spray angles and operation modes can be obtained. In addition, specific application problems can be addressed by the use of special accessories available on request.

The set-up is the device where air and liquid flow come in contact and produce the atomized jet. It consists of a liquid nozzle and an air nozzle, whose orifice dimensions are combined in several different ways in order to obtain the capacity, the spray pattern and the spray angle required. The above spray parameters are given in the performance tables, besides each set-up code.

The atomizer body serves the purpose of conveniently connecting the set-up to the feed lines for air and water, and it may include some options like liquid shut-off or orifice cleaning needles. In addition to the MW type, the standard body, a more complete MX type includes an air operated cylinder for remote control of spray operation.

In addition to the standard range of components some specific requirements like resistance to internal erosion or solid build-up from water borne foreign matters, body options with a different design or different spray control procedures, can be addressed with special parts.

An atomizing system is often used to control the humidity value in a confined room, like a wine cellar, or to spray some special products in the ambient atmosphere for different purposes. In addition to our range of high quality atomizers we can supply regulation cabinets and spray control panels which allow to assemble of a professional and highly efficient atomizing system.