Project Description


Flow Rate



Thread specification

Female BSP
Female NPT

From 1/2″ to 3″


UBB heads are specially designed for applications where chemical attack from strong acids is to be expected, or when contamination to the product being handled is to be excluded, and are therefore entirely made out of PTFE.

Their rotary motion is produced from the reaction forces of their solid stream water jets , which are arranged in such a way that the inner tank surface is thoroughly covered when the head rotor is in motion. The simple design, a two-piece construction, assures for long, maintenance free service. The wide range of capacities and the choice among several spray patterns makes it easy to find the right product to suite a variety of different applications.
The codes shown in the capacity table refer to BSP threads. Our offices can supply coding for products designed with NPT threads.

DeExternal diametermmL, L1
WidthmmRFFemale threadinch
DiInner diametermmLPMax working pressurebarRGMale threadinch
DiaOrifice diametermmLTMax working temperature°CWWeightkg
DNNominal diameterQCapacityl/minWRWetting radiusm
H, H1

UBB tankwashers code must be completed indicating the coverange angle you desire, as following:

UBB 0035 E1 x G

where x can be substituted with
A = 180° up
B = 180° down
E = 360°