Project Description


Flow Rate


PTFE pure
PTFE 25%-Graphite filled

Thread specification

Female BSP

From 1/4″ to 1-1/2″


UBD A rotary heads are a simple but very efficient device for the inside cleaning of tanks. The rotary disk is rotated through the action of the cleaning fluid and produces a very dense spray which reaches all parts of the inside surface, it is the only mobile part of the unit and requires no servicing at all. No lubrication is required, and therefore no risk exists of contaminating your product with oil or grease.

The device is not easily clogged tanks to a minimum internal passage of 2 mm dia, and will continue to operate even when feed holes are partially closed. Ideally suited for aggressive environments, it operates efficiently with all detergents and chemical solutions, in both closed and open tanks because available with 360 or 180 degrees spray patterns. UBD A models find their application in pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries, where pure PTFE complies with the requirements of FDA CFR21. Models made out of Graphite-filled PTFE do not allow for the build up static electricity and can be employed in atmospheres where an explosion risk occurs.

DeExternal diametermmL, L1
WidthmmRFFemale threadinch
DiInner diametermmLPMax working pressurebarRGMale threadinch
DiaOrifice diametermmLTMax working temperature°CWWeightkg
DNNominal diameterQCapacityl/minWRWetting radiusm
H, H1