Project Description


Flow Rate



Body, head, rotor:
AISI 316L s.s.
Hastelloy C22

Thread specification

Male BSPT (1/4″)

Female BSP (from 3/4″ to 1-1/2″)


UBD rotary heads can profit from the special design of their rotary head, which allows for a very even water distribution, assuring optimum surface coverage. They assure therefore very short washing cycles, using lower quantities of water, with a definite advantage in those applications where recycled water is not allowed as a washing medium, and the volumes sent to disposal must be kept to a minimum. UBD heads work using Teflon slide bearings floating at high speed over a thin water film, the only wear part being an easily replaceable Teflon washer. Only a fraction of the liquid energy is then used to power the washing head, while the high speed of the rotating disc produces instantly a loud of high energy droplets all over the inside surface of the tank. The clever design of this device results in no maintenance at all being necessary. Large inside passages are not easily subject to plugging while an extremely simple design with only one moving part avoids any internal jamming. All inside and outside surface are carefully polished, for fast and easy sanitizing. The two following tables give data about types with threaded connection and clip-on types.

The rotor of 1/4” BSPT model is made of Teflon. Models with 3/4″, 1”, 1-1/2” connections can be provided also with NPT thread: in this case, H can be slightly different.

DeExternal diametermmL, L1
WidthmmRFFemale threadinch
DiInner diametermmLPMax working pressurebarRGMale threadinch
DiaOrifice diametermmLTMax working temperature°CWWeightkg
DNNominal diameterQCapacityl/minWRWetting radiusm
H, H1

Models with clip connection are available on request. Please check the dimension in the table below.


xxxx is the capacity (see table below);
MM is the material (B31 for AISI 316L s.s., L61 for Hastelloy C22);
x is the spray coverage (A = 180° up; B = 180° down; E = 360°);
C or D identify the clip connection (instead of the “G” for Female BSP thread connection).

The rotor of 1/4″ BSPT model is made of Teflon.

The rotor of 1/4″ BSPT model is made of Teflon.

1/4″ BSPT